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Multi-Church Prayer for the City, 10/29, 7pm

Please join our sisters and brothers for a multi-church time of worship and prayer for our city. The event will be hosted at Christ our Shepherd Church (801 N. Carolina Ave. SE) on Saturday, October 29 from 7 to 9pm. Childcare will be provided. Look forward to praying with you there for the many needs of our city and in celebration of the good work that God has already begun.

Columbia Heights Neighborhood Youth Club - New Collaborative Youth Group

Yet another youth group bringing a community and its churches together for the glory of God!

This time, it's in Columbia Heights/Cardozo. The Neighborhood Youth Club is a partnership between Grace Meridian Hill, Park Rd. Community Church, The District Church, and Columbia Heights Youth Club. Their meetings will be at the Columbia Heights Community Center at Girard & 14th Sts.

It's about the kids. It's about relationships. It's about Jesus. It's about building community for and with our younger neighbors. It's about caring for spiritual needs (embracing and growing in the gospel). It's about caring for all-of-life needs (tutoring, life skills, sports, food).

Neighborhood Youth Club is seeking adults and older youth to help connect with the middle & high school kids, pray for them, and support the organization. Talk to one of the churches if you're interested.

We're beginning to see a godly trend here: We have local churches collaborating on …

Prayer Night October 15th (to 16th!)

Care Company invites congregations and Christians from all over the DC area to a night of prayer for the youth of DC.

Date: October 15-October 16th
Time: 10pm-6am (yes, all night - but you can come and go as you desire)
Focus: The Porch/The next generation in DC
Location: Washington Community Fellowship, 907 Maryland Ave. NE
If arriving late/in the middle of the night, call: (202) 422-7032

Help The Homeless Walkathon November 19

Time to start drumming up support in your church for the Help The Homeless Walkathon on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

And take a few minutes to check out the many good organizations serving our brothers and sisters in need in the DC area by looking at the fundraising beneficiary list.

If you run a service organization and want to become a beneficiary through the Help the Homeless Walkathon, see the details here.

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Music This Weekend: Classical Piano by Thomas Pandolfi, October 9

Music This Weekend: Liberian History Cantata, October 8

For more information, visit Liberia Will Rise Again.