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Central Union Mission Spiritual Transformation Program Graduation, 5/31

"I came into Central Union Mission in January 2011 a broken man. I was 24 years old, confused, frustrated and lost. I had left my home in South Carolina looking to escape a lifestyle of drug addiction and violence. When I came to DC, I had nowhere to go. I ran into a lady who gave me the homeless shelter hotline, who then referred me to Central Union Mission.

After arriving here a supervisor named Kevin Wright told me about a Spiritual Transformation Program and what it did for him. That night I prayed on it, and the next day I joined the STP. My life has never been the same.

"Here I learned I don't have to be high to enjoy life. I have experienced what it's like to have people genuinely care about me and my past and what I'm going through. God has shown me His riches, His mercy and His son Christ Jesus through Central Union Mission. During my time here I have become a new creature as stated in 2 Cor. 5:17: "If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: T…

Q, Humility, and the Church

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Q Conference came to DC earlier this month. Q is a space "where church and cultural leaders can learn, dialogue, innovate and collaborate around the important topics shaping the church’s future role in culture...We are driven by the belief that inherent in Christian faithfulness is the responsibility to work towards creating a better world, one that reflects God’s original design and intention. Q is a place leaders can explore what that might look like and how God’s kingdom is showing up in the lives of their peers as they restore through the cultural goods they create and lead."

Yes, Q was as awesome as it sounds! It was an amazing experience, full of challenging talks and inspiring ideas. I will be processing it all for awhile, but a couple things in particular really stuck out to me:

One of them was David Brooks' talk on Humility. If you weren't able to attend Q, I highly reccommend you listen to his talk (which will be avai…

Benefit Concert for Sierra Leone

Join us at a benefit concert on April 30th to support Faiths Act's interfaith public health project in Sierra Leone. In addition to helping treat and prevent malaria, it will also be a great show - Justin Fung, one of the pastors at The District Church, will be performing at the concert, along with several other talented musicians! Details for the concert are below, and can also be found on the Facebook event page: Faiths Act, ONE, Malaria No More, and the 9/11 Unity Walk invite you to join us for a benefit concert on Monday, April 30th from 6-7:30 pm at Busboys and Poets (5th and K) to support Faiths Act's interfaith public health project in Sierra Leone! Tickets are $12 beforehand and $15 at the door, with all proceeds donated to the cause! Purchase yours at:

In Sierra Leone, 1/3 of child deaths under the age of five are due to malaria - a preventable, treatable disease. With only 126 medical practitioners to serve a population of ne…

4/14 Concert, Tom Conlon & Wendell Kimbrough

I attended the excellent 2010 edition of this concert, and 2012's promises to be even better. Coming to Capitol Hill congregation Washington Community Fellowship are local singer/songwriter/worship leader Wendell Kimbrough with the soulful Tom Conlon.

For more information see

There are of course many wonderful Christian artists and many churches showcasing talent and beauty. Send an email to if you know of any other local examples.