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Stories from the body of Christ - Chris Wimmer

In addition to posting news about events and opportunities to serve and worship, we would like to use this space to tell stories that come from fellow Christians in the D.C. area. Here, Chris Wimmer, the former youth pastor at Crossroads United Methodist Church in Ashburn, tells one story of faith and faithful doubting.

In my seven years at Crossroads United Methodist Church one of the most transforming experiences came in 2009 when I journeyed with a group of leaders in the Crossroads community to New Mexico to experience the Emerging Church Conference and the wisdom of Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren and others. I was exposed to a new way of following Jesus, a way that says, “there is no one way”; a way where all expressions are valued and collectively the ecclesia thrives. This experience marked an important milestone on my journey; the Christ life is not only a theological belief but a missiological practice. It’s a life that transforms the inward core of our being and everything we st…