Help Provide Thanksgiving Baskets

When Nabal refused to feed David and his men in 1 Samuel 25, in spite of their help for him, the insult was all the greater because it occurred at a feast time, when landowners and the wealthy were under obligation to feed the poor. So with Nabal's fortunes in mind, we can think of these events as more than just opportunities to serve. In the words of Capitol Hill Group Ministries, "Remember that your generosity means there are more families seated at the Thanksgiving table." Let there be much Thanksgiving!

Care Company is giving collections of food to families all over the city associated with a host of different local ministries.  There are three ways to help:
 1) On November 20, help them package food and distribute it to homes around town.  Contact them at 202-594-9599.
2) Send a check for $40 to Care Company at 801 North Carolina Ave SE, DC 20003, to enable them to buy enough food to add another.
3) Make your own Thanksgiving basket and get it to Care Co. at the address above by November 19.  Suggested items include (but are not limited to!) a family's worth of the following:
  o Sweet Potatoes (canned or fresh)
  o Veggies (canned or fresh)
  o Box of Stuffi ng mix
  o Potatoes or Box of Mashed Potatoes
  o 1 can of cranberry sauce
  o 2 cans of gravy/mix
  o Fruit juice/sparkling cider
  o 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese
  o 1 dessert option (pie crust and fi lling)
    o Safeway gift card ($10 or more) to purchase meat of choice
Care Company requests that a "basket" be in the form of a cloth shopping bag or cardboard box.
Notes and cards are welcome.

Capitol Hill Group Ministry 
CHGM doing a very similar campaign for homeless and poor families in the Capitol Hill area.  You can write a check for $50 to CHGM, 421 Seward Sq., SE, Wash., DC 20003. ATTN: Thanksgiving Basket Drive.

Or you can create a basket of your own, along similar lines.  CHGM requests that gift cards for meat be for $20.  Contact Valerie McCray at 202-544-0631 or by email at with questions or to let her know how many baskets are on the way.

Drop off by Sunday, November 21, at Shirley's Place Day Hospitality Center, 1338 G Street, SE (7 days per week, 9am - 5pm) or CHGM Main Office, 421 Seward Square, SE (Mon - Fri, 10am - 2pm).

There is a wealth of similar programs around the city run with the help of churches, government organizations, and others. In addition, on top of the always incredible work of DC Cares, a Thanksgiving volunteering gateway can be found here.

"It is right to give Him thanks and praise!"