Columbia Heights Neighborhood Youth Club - New Collaborative Youth Group

Yet another youth group bringing a community and its churches together for the glory of God!

This time, it's in Columbia Heights/Cardozo. The Neighborhood Youth Club is a partnership between Grace Meridian Hill, Park Rd. Community Church, The District Church, and Columbia Heights Youth Club. Their meetings will be at the Columbia Heights Community Center at Girard & 14th Sts.

It's about the kids. It's about relationships. It's about Jesus. It's about building community for and with our younger neighbors. It's about caring for spiritual needs (embracing and growing in the gospel). It's about caring for all-of-life needs (tutoring, life skills, sports, food).

Neighborhood Youth Club is seeking adults and older youth to help connect with the middle & high school kids, pray for them, and support the organization. Talk to one of the churches if you're interested.

We're beginning to see a godly trend here: We have local churches collaborating on youth ministry with The Porch in NE, Merge DMV in PG...and surely some others?

Other youth groups include (but are not limited to) these.