Honey Bees and New Life

An excerpt from "The Gift of Honey and the Promise of God" by Ashley Goff of Church of the Pilgrims, in Dupont Circle. Published in Faith & Leadership.

...By that fall, we had expanded to our current three hives and wanted to integrate our garden more intentionally into the life of worship at Pilgrims. One of our first ideas came easily. In the ancient church, the first meal the newly baptized received was milk and honey. It was to remind them of the sweetness of life in Christ and the “promised land” they were now entering because of their baptism.
Drawing on this ancient tradition and the biblical stories, we began sharing milk and honey with our newly baptized, along with these words, added to our liturgy: With the living waters, may the justice and mercy of God flow from you like the sweetness of milk and honey. ...

We badly need reminders of the new that Jesus Christ gives. But our need is not out of a lack of such reminders. Lord, grant us the eyes to see your work in the world and the people around us.

John Marienau Turpin