Loving the fatherless

There are 373 kids waiting for adoptive families in the foster care system in DC. there are about 800 churches in DC. that means if ONE famly in every 2 or 3 churches in DC adopted ONE kid, there would be NO kids in the foster care system. and if every family in every church was involved in supporting families in need in some way (helping provide food, job resources, counseling, parenting classes, etc), the Church would PREVENT the situations that cause kids to enter the foster care system in the first place. The Church can literally make sure there are no more fatherless children.

This is our calling as the Church - God tells us to "seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; defend the cause of the needy." (Isaiah 1:17) And just as He adopted us through Christ into His family (Ephesians 1:4-5), He desires us to show His love to the world in the way we adopt others into our family. Fostering and adoption is one of the biggest ways we can tangibly show the love of Christ to these children and the rest of the world. And if you aren't in a place to foster or adopt (like me), there are many other ways you can love the fatherless: by mentoring foster kids, and by supporting biological, foster, and adoptive families through counseling, respite services, and other resources so they are better able to support their children. You can look into organizations like Foster and Adoptive Parent Advocacy Center and Family and Youth Initiative for different opportunities.

A group of churches are also planning on doing a big foster care and adoption awareness event in January, which we would love your help promoting to your churches. And before that, we will be doing a lunch for pastors and other church leaders to talk more about this event, and our vision for the Church as a whole uniting together to make sure all children in DC have a family. You'll be hearing more about this, but please email me now if you would definitely like to be invited to this brunch!

Blythe Scott