Missio Alliance Meeting April 2013

It's not too early to register ($135 before January 15, $165 before March 15, $185 thereafter) for the Missio Alliance gathering April 11-13, 2013 at Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA.

Exploring the shape of a missional encounter with this new context calls for asking fresh questions and engaging in dialogue about topics as fundamental as the gospel, humanity, Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and the Kingdom of God; all framed around the role of the Church in relationship to God’s mission in the world.

For this inaugural conference, we’ve invited a diverse and compelling group of practitioners, theologians, and missiologists to speak and facilitate dialogue around these and a wide array of related issues. 

This conference is just the beginning of what we hope to see God do through the Missio Alliance in years to come. We look forward to joining with all fellow travelers!

John Marienau Turpin