New Arlington Congregation, West City Fellowship, in ARLNow

Jewish Rocker-turned-Pastor Launches Arlington Church
by Ethan Rothstein | October 30, 2013 at 1:15 pm

It’s not every day that a new church starts in Arlington, but musician-turned-pastor Scott Maurer
of newly formed West City Fellowship has a background even more unique.

Maurer, 46, was raised Jewish, played in a rock band for five years in the mid-Atlantic region and
worked in the D.C. tech industry for 10 years before deciding to join the ministry. West City Fellowship, which is a nondenominational Christian church, held its first official service
Sunday morning in a lecture hall at Wakefield High School, where it will continue to hold weekly
services at 10:30 a.m.

Raised in Alexandria, Maurer’s father was a “very religious Jew,” but his mother wasn’t observant, so when they divorced, Maurer said he was drifting spiritually. As he grew up, he had a natural
curiosity; studying Eastern philosophy and several other Western religions, but shunning Christianity.

“I was extremely hostile to Christianity, very cynical to anyone that claimed to be a Christian,” he
said. “I had the idea that you couldn’t be an intellectual and believe any of that nonsense.” As Maurer got older and entered graduate school, he met a lay pastor and began gravitating more toward Christianity. In his late 20s, after marrying his wife, Julie, Maurer finally “gave his life to Christ.” ... continued on

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