Sad News - WTU to close

WTU To Conclude its Mission in 2013
Washington Theological Union, a Roman Catholic graduate school of theology and ministry in the District, announced that it does not have the financial resources to be able to continue offering its academic services to the Church and community beyond the 2012-2013 academic year. WTU will continue to operate its conference center and offer lectures and programs during this period of time. For more information, visit For Washington Theological Consortium information, visit



  1. I hear people who possess millions on their account; financing such an important university would have given meaning to their efforts to save millions! I know there are some people who save millions for their dogs or cats! I hope the campus remains so that the school can be reopened. The information about the closure has been too abrupt considering that 2012-2013 has been set as all last academic year! I had never heard of any warning of financial constraints of that our good university before the June 2011 announcement of closure.


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