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My pastor and I, along with several others pastors in the Columbia Heights area, have been talking about the need for unity among churches in DC. There are many churches in DC doing great things, but how much more effective would our work be if we did these things together? Scripture talks so much about unity because God knew His Church would be so much more powerful if we were seeking His redemption for our city together. If we supported each other's initiatives, created programs together, connected each other to resources, advocated together and spoke out against injustices as one voice - how much more effective would the Church be? And there is a clear need in DC for this to happen. There is no unified evangelical faith movement in our city yet, and because we really believe our work could be so much stronger if we were unified, several of us have been thinking about starting an official Faith & Justice Network here in DC.
Several other cities across the U.S. have arleady established various forms of Faith and Justice Networks. Below I've provided the links for some examples - each city's Network looks different depending on the city's needs, the various churches that have formed it, etc. But each Network was formed with the vision to see the Church in their city united to futher Christ's redemption in their city.
So will you all think about joining us in this effort? There is so much brokeness in our city and so many areas the Church can speak into, and powerfully, if we were to support each other and join together. Every believer is called to seek Christ's redemption for their city in some way, depending on their gifts and passions, so the same goes for the larger Church body. Every church is called to further Christ's redemption into the city - but the way each church does this might look different depending on their congregation, their location, etc. So I personally would love to see our Faith & Justice Network capitalize on this, connecting churches that have different strengths and passions, so that we are better able to support each other and help each other connect, equip and mobilize the believers of our city to live out Christ's love.
We are still praying about what the DC Network would look like, but our vision is to see the Church joined together to carry out Christ's vision of renewal, fighting against the many injustices we see all around us, speaking out together, and strengthening each other's work - all for the purpose of more effectively spreading Christ's love and redemption in DC. Over the next few months we will meet to talk more specifically about this vision, what issues God is calling us to focus on, and what our working together will actually look like. So for now, please pray for this vision, for the next steps we are to take to make this vision a reality - and if God is calling your church to be a part of this with us. Take a look at the links below, and join me in prayer over what this could look like in our city. Then please email me if you feel God calling you to be a part of this Network!
Blythe Scott
Leadership Resident and Outreach Director, The District Church


  1. It's official! Very happy to hear that the faith & justice network is moving forward in DC. May God be our guide! - John


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