Convoy of Hope: Columbia Heights

Convoy of Hope (posted about below) is also coming to DC this year! For those who aren't familiar, Convoy of Hope is a Christian ministry that goes all over the world helping organize businesses, local churches, and community organizations to plan a day of family fun and much-needed free services to communities. And on Saturday, September 22nd, Convoy of Hope is coming to the Columbia Heights neighborhood of DC! There will also be a location in Alexandria, VA, but this post is specifically about the Columbia Heights location:

National Community Church (NCC) is the main church organizing the Convoy in DC, but one of the main goals of Convoy of Hope is to bring churches together and help create lasting partnerships, so NCC does not want to be the only church hosting! They want volunteers from other churches to help lead some of the outreach areas, so that this event is a partnership between churches that then turns into a more lasting outreach partnership after the event! I'll post again closer to the event with information for anyone who wants to volunteer the day of the event, but right now NCC is still looking for a few more volunteers from other churches to help lead some of the various areas. So if you have expertise or an interest in one of the following areas, we would love for you to become involved: the leaders still needed are for food, finance, and hair cuts. Some other areas can still use assistants, so if one of these three areas doesn't jump out at you but you want to help, you can email and find out about other areas! Leading an area is not a huge undertaking - you will be supported the whole way by Convoy of Hope staff and by the coordinators from NCC, and will receive training and information to assist you along the way.

No matter your interests or gifts, there are a variety of ways to get involved - from helping to plan an area now to volunteering the day of - so don't hesistate to email if you're at all interested. This is an awesome opportunity for churches to work together to serve our community in the name of Christ, and to form lasting partnerships so we can better serve our community in the future! So if you'd like any more information about Convoy of Hope, or if you'd like to help, contact Jill Carmichael at

Blythe Scott
Leadership Resident and Outreach Director, The District Church