Washington DC Area Young Adult Ministries - CU Resources #17

Capital City Young Adults

726 7th Street SE*
Washington, DC 20003
Sunday Worship at the Atlas Center for the Performing Arts, 1333 H St. NE.
202-234-3716 (phone)
202-544-1187 (fax)
You’ll find many opportunities to get to know others, events with topics that focus on the needs of young-adults, and you’ll build life-long friendships through small groups scattered around the DC region.

Club Holy Ghost
Ward Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church
241 42nd Street, NE Washington, DC 20019
(202) 398-2500

Saturdays at 6pm. These worship experiences incorporate a variety of creative ways to praise God. One can expect to find not only young adult choirs and young preachers but also step teams, dancers, spoken word, comedy, and mime, among many other things. Whether you’re young in age or young at heart, we invite you to celebrate at Club Holy Ghost! And don’t worry about paying admission – it’s free! Jesus paid it all!

DC Catalyst
Grace Covenant Church
707 7th St. NW, Washington, DC 20001
PO Box 50202, Washington, DC 20091
(202) 832-3330
Grace Covenant Church DC Young Professionals ministry, known as DC Catalyst, is a ministry for professionals, of any marital status and ages 23-35, who seek to build relationship with Christ, others, and the community, through various workships, events, and community projects. For more info, please contactdc.catalyst@gmail.com.

Grace DC
637 Indiana Ave. NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20004
(Worship Sundays at 5pm, at Calvary Baptist Church, 777 8th St. NW)
Tel. 202.386.7637
Fax 202.386.7642
In the Grace DC Network, our purpose is to be a church in and for the city. We long to be an inwardly-growing and outwardly-serving community, faithfully striving to express the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That Gospel is a proclamation (Word) and demonstration (Deed) of God’s rich and persistent grace to deeply flawed and sinful people. The Bible tells us that the Church is the continuing ministry of Jesus, so we feel that our community and ministry ought to reflect His gracious words and deeds, as well as engage skeptics, seekers and followers.

Post College / Young Adult Group
Christian Reformed Church
5911 New Hampshire Ave NE, Washington, DC 20011
(202) 832-7539
In the Post College/Young Adult Bible Study, our unofficial motto is "good for the soul, bad for the waistline." We meet on the second Sunday of the month after church for a potluck and discussion, which usually revolves around a book we've chosen. The food is always plentiful, and the discussion is just as good. We also get together to play ultimate frisbee, go camping, and just hang out. Most of us have graduated from college and are working or in graduate school, but we welcome anyone who's out of high school and interested in joining us. For more information, contact Amy at abvandervliet@gmail.com.

Single Adults Ministry
Zion Baptist Church
4850 Blagden Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20011
(202) 722-4940

Third Sundays after worship service. Provides the opportunity to fellowship; also shares resources of information and educational support in spiritual growth, health, knowledge, techniques, attitudes and actions of total completeness in Jesus Christ, and health.

(Twenties and Thirties)
Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church
201 4th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
(202) 547-8676
This small group welcomes young adult CHPC members and friends to the church and organizes periodic events to get to know one another outside of worship, such as going to brunch after church or attending concerts or movies together. Activities are usually announced in church and on the web site. Please call church for details.

Zion Baptist Church
4850 Blagden Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20011
(202) 722-4940

Second Sundays following worship service (except July and August). Provides a spiritually based, young adult ministry which seeks to unite individuals through worship, including prayer and study: through fellowship, friendship and through service to others. This ministry seeks to harness the Godly excitement and spiritual energy of young adults in our Church and community by sharing God’s word, showing God’s love and following God’s example.

YADA/Young Adult Disciples in Action
National City Christian Church
5 Thomas Circle, NW
Washington, DC 20005
Tel. 202-232-0323, Fax 202-797-0111
YADA is a community of 20's and 30's seeking to know God and know each other. In Hebrew, "yada" means "to know" and is used in the Bible to describe a relationship with God. It implies far more than an intellectual knowledge, and expresses an intimate, personal involvement. YADA is also an acronym for Young Adult Disciples in Action, a part of National City Christian Church in Washington, DC. We are young adults, professionals, students, marrieds, and singles. Our style is informal, our topics are relevant and our discussions are sincere. Please join us Sundays and Tuesdays!

ChristUnite.com, a website connecting people to ministries that help to strengthen a relationship with Christ, is shutting down in February 2011. The site’s owner has allowed others to distribute its very helpful information, including the DC area’s regional page. CU's information is not comprehensive, but it is substantial. The DC regional page is posted, with minor changes, on TCDC in this series.